Property Management

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Lease Management, Negotiation, Monitoring, and Enforcement

WEIR provides lease management and assistance during the negotiation of coal leases and other natural resource contracts to ensure terms are fair and at market rates. In addition, WEIR has managed mineral assets and can provide services relating to lease enforcement, i.e., payment of royalties, minimum annual rentals, real estate taxes, and insurance requirements.

WEIR also conducts underground and/or surface operations audits on landowners’ property to verify conditions and ensure the lessee is mining efficiently and optimizing the landowners’ reserves.

Property Appraisals

WEIR has qualified individuals experienced in mineral appraisals relative to the acquisition of property, sales negotiations, and in providing expert witness testimony for condemnation litigation.

Natural Resource Management

Many land companies have properties, and/or coal reserves and resources that are unleased. WEIR can evaluate the client’s resources and prepare a reserve study for the purpose of marketing to a potential lessee. Along with coal resources, WEIR can manage other natural resources of the landowner, such as timber and oil and gas.

  • Areas of Expertise:
  • AutoCAD Mapping Services
  • Depletion Analysis
  • Environmental Audits and Assessments
  • Lease Negotiation, Monitoring, and Enforcement
  • Litigation Support and Expert Witness Testimony
  • Natural Resource Management
  • Property Appraisals and Valuations
  • Property Sales
  • Property Tax Service
  • Surface and Underground Mining Operation Inspections