Environmental Engineering

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Property Liability Evaluation and Remediation

The transfer of property ownership dictates conducting Phase I Environmental Assessments (EA) to protect the buyer, seller, lender and/or insurer. WEIR’s Phase I EA for an ongoing project or facility provides assurance that proper techniques are used in operations and disposal, and can minimize the risk of costly enforcement actions. The Phase I EA is based on ASTM standards and can progress into a more in-depth analysis, Phase II, which serves to define the magnitude of potential problem areas. When a new project is being considered, a Phase I EA can be preceded or followed by a feasibility analysis of the project siting.

Reclamation Liability Audits

WEIR conducts reclamation audits of mining operations to provide a detailed evaluation of reclamation practices and costs. Non-contemporaneous reclamation, exposed highwall, continuous water treatment, altered final-cut impoundments, and other issues can subject the mine operators to extensive and unplanned reclamation costs. WEIR personnel are experienced in conducting combined environmental assessments and reclamation liability audits, as well as, mining practices studies.

Regulatory Compliance

Compliance services for federal, state, and local permits are designed to assure clients the most cost-effective method of conforming to regulatory standards. WEIR’s permitting experience encompasses coal, industrial minerals, and metals operations.

  • Areas of Expertise:
  • Acid Mine Drainage Investigation
  • Baseline and Water Quality Monitoring
  • Bond Release Analysis and Risk Analysis
  • Groundwater Protection Plans
  • Litigation Support and Expert Witness Testimony
  • Management of Environmental Studies
  • Operational Practices Review
  • Permit Compliance Review
  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, and Phase I and II Remediation
  • Reclamation Cost, Liability, and Planning Evaluation
  • Remediation Management and Oversight
  • Site Evaluation Feasibility Studies
  • Spill Protection Plans
  • Watershed Studies and Stream Enhancement