Market Analysis and Utilization

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Coal Sourcing Studies

WEIR’s coal sourcing studies include locating, assessing, and evaluating suitable fuels to meet the requirements of numerous United States and international power projects. Our studies have been used to identify appropriate sources of fuel, to determine viability of prospective suppliers, to assist in developing an efficient strategy to comply with existing and prospective air quality emissions regulation, and to assess projected busbar cost from each potential coal source.

Producer Evaluation

Producer evaluations include "fatal flaw" analyses designed to alert the consumer if possible situations exist that could result in an interruption to the flow of fuel to the power plant. WEIR has prepared producer evaluations for lending institutions and power project owners.

Coal Market Assessment

WEIR has considerable experience in coal supply and demand having conducted numerous studies relative to the United States and global coal markets, including all mining regions and coal types (metallurgical and thermal), recognizing all factors that affect supply and demand. WEIR’s coal market assessment and analysis studies are provided to coal producers, coal consumers and financial institutions.

Contract Assistance

WEIR provides several services to coal producers and consumers in the field of contract assistance, ranging from anonymous solicitation of coal supply bids to serving as the buyer or seller representative during negotiations. Our depth of experience and length of service to the coal and electric utility industries have proven to be valuable to our clients.

  • Areas of Expertise:
  • Assessment of Transportation Options and Contracts
  • Comparative Analysis of Coal Supply Bids; Price, Quantity and Quality
  • Contract Buy-Out Assessment
  • Domestic and Global Supply and Demand Market Studies
  • Due Diligence of Prospective Suppliers
  • Evaluate Producer’s Ability to Supply Coal at Specified Price
  • Identification of Coal Supplies for Specific Quality and Quantity Requirements
  • Impact of Alternative Fuels on Busbar Costs
  • Market Price Forecasts, Metallurgical and Thermal Coal
  • Market Price Reopener and Escalation Analysis
  • Sampling System Review and Bias Testing
  • Strategy Development and Technical Support, Coal Contract Negotiations
  • Suitability and Delivered Cost for Thermal and Metallurgical Coals
  • Verify Control and Estimate of Reserves for Contract Commitment